Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

"Something Important in Your Life"

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what do u think ?? 
Have you ever think about "Something Important in Your Life" ?
 I think you should do it now.. I just think it, after my teacher give me a task. The first idea in my head that time is "Boy I Like" Yeah, that's cool..because I'm teenager..
There are many things important in our life. But we asked by this question to give one answer.
And then... I am thinking for a minute..And I'm sure it's family..
Family is first people that love us before born. And never left us, althought we are ugly, stupid, naughty, or sickly.
But, they always be here wait us, love us. And then , I think we all never think about our family that most important before..??!!   Can you see, there are many people don't have any family. Why we so ungrateful..?? and, just think about boy or girl that we like..???
Now, you should think abot the most important in your life again. Cause actually you've already found it..but never realize.

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