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 Everybody can fell love. The feel of love are safe, calm, happy, caring and like in heaven, right?? But, do we still brave to say love to someone who we like so much. Many problem that we get, when we'll say it. The fear defeat us in the blink eyes and destroy anything. We afraid if she or he doesn't love us, we afraid if they will hate when it happen. However this fear eat us, we must say that. Because no one know when they will leave us like a wind.

 I've ever read about this. one day there was a young  girl fallin' love with her seniort. but she didn't say it. She afraid if her senior didn't like her. And 3 years later, her senior has married with someone, but that girl still didn't know. In the afternoon, bestfriend of the girl met the senior, and told about the girl's feel 3 years ago. When senior heard it, he felt regret, cz that times he also had same feel like that girl but so afraid to say.  That girl who like her senior heard from her bestfried too about senior's feel 3 years. So, she felt so regret too..

How pity  they are...!!
Because cannot said love each other because of afraid evrything become broken..

Jumat, 19 November 2010


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HoLa...!! n,n*

 Now, I'll talk about dizzy. Dizzy has many kind, dizzy because the pain, problem, or anything.
Feel like this isn't fun, we always touch our head and thinking for long time then. And we just like a statue, and never do something more important, right? Okay, everyone have a problem, and I'm too. So we got a same ! don't be aferaid to crush out your problem.

At first you must pray in the morning before you do all of your activities. Hope God always help you in a trouble situation. Second, be a good man everytime. Cause with do that, people side you will feel happy.

Third, you should to do the best for your all works. Then, when you meet the  problem, don'be confused, stress, and feel dizzy. Take a long breath and say "I can do iT, because GOD in me..!!" after that, keep all your power and do that you think that's right way to solve your problem.

 Now, don't feel dizzy again friends. "Because God in You, and I praf for yoU."

Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

"Something Important in Your Life"

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Have you ever think about "Something Important in Your Life" ?
 I think you should do it now.. I just think it, after my teacher give me a task. The first idea in my head that time is "Boy I Like" Yeah, that's cool..because I'm teenager..
There are many things important in our life. But we asked by this question to give one answer.
And then... I am thinking for a minute..And I'm sure it's family..
Family is first people that love us before born. And never left us, althought we are ugly, stupid, naughty, or sickly.
But, they always be here wait us, love us. And then , I think we all never think about our family that most important before..??!!   Can you see, there are many people don't have any family. Why we so ungrateful..?? and, just think about boy or girl that we like..???
Now, you should think abot the most important in your life again. Cause actually you've already found it..but never realize.

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