Kamis, 28 April 2011

Introducing self

Diposting oleh Felix Stefany Sisvinda di 14.06
what do u think ?? 
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HoLa...!! n,n*

This is a weird thing..because actually I've alredy write about it everytime. But, I never fell if that's all enough. Okay, My name is Felix. I am female, was born in malang indonesia on 8 may 1996. Have you heard about Indonesia. It is beautiful place, long time ago people call Indonesia  equatorial emerald. But now that just dream to be an equatorial emerald again. We don't have any trees. Too much building, polution, vehicles, etc. But I really love this country, I was born here, eat here, sleep here, and get many lesson here. Expecially about manners. I live in Java, so manners is upheld. I am in junior high school now, in one month I will be student in senior high school, faster than I expected. I make this blog, because I wanna write something that I can speak out. And I wanna practise my grammar too, with writting in English.

if U wanna know me better than I write..

just add..

FB - http://www.facebook.com/fsisvinda
Twitter - @hippowhiteness

and my e- mail - stefany_lix@yahoo.com

thankyou.. :))


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